Cajun Dictionary

Cajun State Motto: Laisse les bons ton rouler. (Let the good times roll)

Cajun State Song:  Jolie Blon

Cajun State Bird:  Mosquito



abdominal, detestable, horrible.

“If you don get a hair cut you gone to look like de abdominal snowman.”

ablum, a collection of music on record.

“I got a ablum by Charlie Pride at de store

ag, the round reproductive body of birds or animals.

“ I like my gumbo wit turtle ag

ah, I, the first person.

“Ah like you

ak, the process of doing.

“ Why don you ak right

all, petroleum.

“Check the all too, please

alma dillon, armadillo.

“Ther’s no more turtles, de alma dillions dig up all de ags.

anh, a reply used when one does not understand or as an expression of surprise.

“Oh Boudreaux, lan me twenty dollars? “ “anh

ax, ask.

“ax him if he wants some more gumbo.



bad, a piece of furniture used for sleeping.

“He’s sick in de bad

bag dare, in the rear away from civilization, in back of.

“He went bag dare in de swamp

ball, to boil.

“Ya’ll come over tonight, we gonna ball some crawfish

bat, to wash or bathe.

“Go take a bat, you stink.”

Boo-dree-ox, how Rednecks and Yankees pronounce Boudreaux.

booray, a card game played in Cajun Country, Also, to lose or go broke.

“You gonna booray if you try dat hand.”



cam, tranquil, calm.

“De fish should bite, de waters cam

cause, the price paid to aquire something.

“How nuch does dat cause

car porch, a hood entension used for parking cars (car port).

“My car porch leaks arrytime it rains

chew, from the French slang meaning rear end or behind. In Cajun dialect, it may also mean the whole person especially if he is undesirable.

“Get you chew off my boat

chew rouge, irritated, provoked. Translated literally, a red ass.

“Dat fellow gives me de chew rouge

chiren, infants or young ones.

“ Call de chiren, its time for supper

chock a block, very abundant, packed.

“De lake is chock a block wit duck

chockay, incoherently drunk.

“You gone to get chockay wit dat cheap wine

chu chut, a general purpose substitute for naming any small object or device.

“De motor wont run wit out dat little chu chut dair

chune, to tune a musical instrument or engine.

“Dat motor needs a chune-up

coil, to telephone to.

“Coil me later, my old man’s home from offshore

coo, a very enthusiastic expression of amazement.

“Coo! Look at de size of dem shrimp

cooyon, stupid, dumb, also an educated fool.

“If dem cooyon engineers don stop digging canals all over, we gonna all flood.”



d, always used in place of “th”, i.e. dem people, de car, dose apples, etc.

“All dough dis is you boat, dat is my motor.”

do do, to sleep (from the French dormir).

“It’s time to make do do, I got to get up at five tomorrow.”

dubba, twofold.

“I got dubba my money back on dat deal

dumata, a red pulpy garden vegetable.

“ My favorite vegetable is a dumata.”


each, irritation of the shin.

“I each all over

een, within, inclusion.

“He’s all the time een trouble

een dare, within.
“Dare’s a big coon een dare

enemy, injection of liquid into the rectum.

“If you eat too much cheese, you’ll have to have a enemy



fay dodo, a dance or party.

“De last time we went to a fay dodo all you did was dance with Tee-Harry’s wife

fooyay, to meddie, a foolish act.

“Ah told you not to fooyay with Alcide’s box

four michael, formica.

“Honey, if we catch plenty of shrimp dis season, can I have some four michael on my kitchen cabinets.”



ga, to look, look at.

“Ga, here come Boudreaux wit his new gilfran

gaga, someone prone to be too inquisitive.

“Arrytime we pass in front of her house dat gaga is rocking on de porch.”

galee, an expression used to denote surprise or astonishment.

“Galee, it’s you dat was dressed up like dat for Mardi Gras

goat rocks, how Rednecks & Yankees pronounce Gautreaux.

gang warden, a wildlife agent.

“Git rid of the dinner mite here come the gang warden

gogo, a slang expression for making love.

“My husband never wants to go anywhere, all he ever thinks about is gumbo, gogo, and dodo

gree gree, any object of contrivance used to conjure harm or evil to the recipient.

“If dat new guy don’t stop follin wit ma girl, ahm gon put a gree gree on him

guff, large body of water, Gulf of Mexico.

“Lets go to Grand Island, de guff is cam



had, the upper part of the body, also the brain.

“You might as well git it into you had, you can’t go to dat trashy place

hafass, low grade, half hearted effort, inferior.

“Dat’s a hafass job if I ever saw one

hairline, a major thoroughfare in New Orleans (Airline).

“Dey had a bad wreck on de hairline

Halo Statue, a reply over the telephone, when the answering party is familiar.

hayacall, used to denote any object or creature for which the name is unknown.

“Dat hayacall jumped out de tree and ate him in de show.”

hormel, substance formed in Endocrine glands.

“Dem hormel pills make all dem women crazy

hose-pipe, water hose.

“Pick up de hose-pipe befo you cut de grasses



I, seldom pronounced as such. In cajun dialect: I is pronounced as ah, but pronounced as e when preceding a consonant.

if, used often as a strong affirmative reply.

“You lak to dance?” - “If!”

ion, a common metal, also to press clothes.

“Ion you own dress, lazy



jaws, a glass container.

“Tante (Aunt) Cecile sent us 12 jaws of fig preserves

Jaypan, Japanese.

“All dem Jaypan radios is trash

juga keen, sugar cane.

“Arry time dey spray de juga keen it kill all de doves

Junya, a young boy, junior.

“Oh, Junya, quit teasing your sister



kang, a metal container.

“Pop me another kang of Bud, please

kritspee, crispy.

“We out of bread, eat de kritspee



lak, to show affection.

“Ah lak her but she don lak me.”

launch, noon meal.

“He was fired from NASA because he taut a launch pad was where you went to eat.”

leaf, to go away, depart.

“Leaf me alone

loan motor, a device for cutting grass.

“With all dis rain de grasses is too high for de loan motor.”

loopey long, The Huey P. Long Bridge.

“Ah don like to go to New Orleans de loopey long is to narrow



ma, possessive adjective.

“Ma feet hurt

marry, happy. Gay.

“Marry crease-moose

may, but, well(from the French - mais ).

“May, ah taut you brought de bait

me, same as in English but frequently used with I.

“I’m gone to town, me

metry, system of measurement.

“Why we gotta have dat metry system, arrybody knows dat 2 pints equals 1 quart, 4 quarts equal 1 gallon, and may, 5 gallons equals a 5 gallon kang.”

moodee, cursed, foul, no good.

“Dat noodee loan motor never starts until you crank you arm off



Nannan, god mother.

“I wish ma nannan was rich lak you nannan.”

neutral, nutria.

“Dem neutrals will bite you if you not careful

nonk, uncle.

“You nose is big lak Nonk Justin

nort, north.

“All de crabs is gone up nort

nuttin, nothing.

“nuttin went right today



ohm, house, home.

“It’s time for you to go ohm.”

ovadaddy, over there, away from.

“He’s way ovadaddy across de lake



paunch, to pole, hit.

“Shut up or I’m gonna paunch you

peeve, concrete road.

“Dey need to peeve dis road to git rid of de holes

pansil, implement used for writing.

“Don’t run wit dat pansil in you mouth!”

pleece, deputy, law officer.

“Keep ;you dog in you yard or I’m gonna call the pleece.”

pleet, plate.

“De pleet launch is good at Annie’s

pooyie, distasetful, offensive.

“You smelled dat perfume she has on.” “Pooyie

prospect, male gland at base of urethra.

“Nonk Harry had trouble wit his prospect gland.”



No Q in Cajun Allphabet.



rad, Crimson, scarlet, also to blush.

“His face turn rad when she left wit dat other guy

ranch, to wash off.

“Always use cistern water to ranch the dishes

rat cheer, in front of, before you.

“Rat cheer is where we caught all dem trouts

roday, to run around, on the go.

“Avery time her old man goes offshore all she does is roday.”

Rob E. Chocks, how Rednecks and Yankees pronounce Robichaux.



s, seldom used with the plural often with the singular.

“Ah lak crab, shrimps and ouster

salse, a seasoned, preparation usually containing tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc.

“Clovis is cleaning de turtles, you can start with de salse

seem, alike, identical.

“All dem politicians is de seem

severe, land surveyor.

“Ah’m gone see de severe, he built dat fence across ms propitty.”

sha, dear, precious (from the French cher).

“Oh sha, you want to dance.”

shad, small building.

“Cut the wood and put it in de shad

she, used with nouns to denote gender.

“Ma car, she is broke

shoepick, a large fresh water fish found mostly in swamps and bayous: cypress trout.

“Crawfish is de best bait for shoepicks.”

slug ranch, a special tool for changing automobile tires.

“Ah had a flat in de middle of the road and no slug ranch in de trunk

swimps, edible crustacean common in South Louisiana.

“Don forget de swimps fo de gumbo tomorrow



T, small, petite, little; also used as a nickname when affixed with surname. T-Boy, T-Harry, T-Cat, etc.

“He don lak for you to call him T-Norman since he moved to Baton Rouge.”

tan, the number ten.

“Tan dollars is too high for khaki pants

tanks, to express gratitude.

“Tanks for letting me use you duck blind

teeree, the number 3 (roll the “r”).

“All ah got left is teeree dollar

teet, teeth.

“He laughed so hard his teet fell in de bayou

tie loose, to untie.

“Tie loose de boat

tied, exhausted, weary, impatient.

“Ah’m tied of dat job

tink, thought, thinking, concept.

“What you tink ah’m crazy

true, in one end, out the other.

“He fell true de roof

trow, to durl or propel, also to put.

“Trow it in second gear or you gonna get stuck

tunda, the loud noise which accompanies lightning or the lightning bolt.

“Don stand under dat tree, you will be hit by de tunda

tursty, craving drink.

“Let’s stop at de Bon Ton Roule, ah’m tursty.”

twat, person or thing of a derogatory nature, also rear end or butt.

“Tell dat little twat to go home



udder, another person or thing.

“Ah no, it was dat udder guy what did dat.”

umpie, referee.

“De umpie was for dem, dats why we lost



vary, extremely.

“Ah am vary hungry

very close, swollen veins (varicose).

“If dem women would walk in de swamp lak dey used to, dey wouldn’t have dem very close vein

violet, ranging, disorderly, violent.

“When ah told him he pay too much for dat boat, he got violet

vote, unit of electromotive force.

“It takes a 24 vote battery to crank dat moodee machine



warse, stinging insect.

“He’s mean lak a warse.”

wone, to gain or succeed.

“Ah wone eight dollars playing booray.”



X-rated, to examine by means of X-ray.

“You batter go have you had X-rated



yallo, bright color like that of lemon.

“Dat yallo dress she had on for de wedding was ugly.”

year, the organ of hearing.

“Dat cooyon had a ring on his year

yestitty, the day preceeding.

“Ah know yestitty was you burtday, but today you lak de rest of us.”



zinc, a basin in a kitchen.

“Don wash you hand in de zinc