April 13 & 14, 2002

Saturday, April 13. 2002 2:00 to 3:00 pm Visit the Reservation and recall
many fond memories.
(Tour Istrouma High School)


Saturday, April 13, 2002 6:30 to 10:00 pm Main event held at the
Classic Connection, Ltd. located
at 6308 Quinn Dr., Baton Rouge


Sunday, April 14, 2002 12:30 pm until Informal backyard picnic hosted
by Jim & Betty Breeden at their
home at 9932 Goodwood Blvd.,
Baton Rouge , LA


Welcome    Charlotte Stevenson Carrier
Master of Ceremonies James Breeden
Introductions   Reunion Committee
IHS Alma Mater Special Guests
Invocation     Mamie Guy Watts (pianist)
Buffet  J. W. Hall

"Marionettes From The '50's"
 by James E. Webb

Social Hour Visitation with friends


2002 Reunion Committee
(In alphabetical order by maiden names)

Hilda Ashford Forrest

James Breeden

Verda Lee DeArmond Edmonston and L. L. 

J. W. Hall and Jean

Sadie Kelly Foshee and Curtis

Rosalie Smith Strickland

Charlotte Stevenson Carrier

Lawrence (Bucky) Thibodeaux and Joyce

 Claudette Toural Ferrier

Betty Womack Breeden


Your volunteer committee worked many hours researching the location of our classmates, processing the many letters mailed to nearly 200 classmates and the entire process of selecting a site, organizing and planning our GOLDEN POW WOW.  We appreciate their dedication!

Our special thanks are extended to Hilda Ashford Forrest, Nell Rose Ashford’s daughter and Claudette Toural Ferrier for preparing our nametags.  J. W.  and Jean Hall created our table decorations; we thank you.  Also, much appreciation is expressed to Betty Womack Breeden and James Breeden for typing and editing the material presented in this our anniversary directory

They performed their duties untiringly.  THANK YOU ALL.






 In The Beginning. . . .


Shortly after the turn of the twentieth century the North Baton Rouge community began to grow and develop at a fast pace.  The main reason for this fast development was the construction, in 1909, of a new oil and gasoline refinery, Standard Oil.  And just across its main gate on Scenic Hwy. was a prime location for new homes and small businesses to support the many workers needed at the new refinery.  By 1917 the community, known as Istrouma desperately needed a school.  During an East Baton Rouge Parish School Board meeting held on July 24, 1917 a motion was made by Mr. Farrnbacher, seconded by Mr. Gordon, “to provide a school facility for the children living in and contiguous to Dixie, near the Standard Oil plant in the 3rd ward”.  The motion was unanimously carried, according to the school board minuets. Thus, a two-room wood frame building was constructed and became the beginning of Istrouma School.  The first faculty consisted of two teachers, Miss Helen Row and Miss Tucker.  By 1920, facilities had improved and this first building was declared surplus.  The newly chartered Istrouma Baptist Church acquired the building to be used as its first meetinghouse.  Because of its color the building became affectionately know as “The Little Red School House”.  The building remained the property of Istrouma Baptist Church until the early 1950’s. 


In 1918 another building was needed for the fast growing elementary school and Mr. Robert Hart was more than happy to provide a second small building.  Also, Mrs. T. O. Morgan became principal and was supported by three teachers, Miss Belle Cross, Mrs. Sadie Brouillette and Mrs. Youngblood.  Later, this building became the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Butler. 


School Board minutes indicate the following salary schedule for its teachers: high school – with more than two years experience . . $80 - $85, with less than two years experience . . $70 -$75; first grade teachers – with more than two years experience . . $65, with less than two years experience . . $60; second grade & up – with more than two years experience . . $50, with less than two years experience . . $45; principals of rural high school . . up to $1,200 per annum; principals of grade school with eight or more years teaching experience . . $100 per month; principals of grade school with less than eight years experience . . $75 per month.  It is assumed these salaries were for a nine month period.


As the months passed the school enrollment increased steadily, but the school suffered because of inadequate equipment and the need for more teachers.  The school board was unable to support the fledgling school financially.  Faced with dire need the faculty turned to the parents for assistance.  The response was great considering the nations economical times as a result of World War I.  Because of the response equipment was improved.  Even crude benches were made which provided additional seats for the students.  During this same year, 1918, Mrs. Brouillette was transferred to another area of Louisiana and Mrs. Nick Rousseau replaced her.  Mrs. Rousseau would remain at Istrouma as a teacher through the 1940’s. 


The next year, 1919-1920 session, the faculty increased to five and many more children enrolled on opening day.  Once again, the classrooms were inadequate and a third building was obtained from the generous Mr. Robert Hart.  This building would eventually be converted into a residence and become the home of Mr. Landry, the head custodian at Istrouma High School. 


These buildings had few rooms but many were large enough to be divided by the use of burlap curtains.  In effect, this provided more rooms for the children’s classrooms.  The fast growing school was again enlarged in September of 1920 when a four-room building was secured two blocks from the other building.  Because of the separation distance it was decided to move the higher grades to the recently acquired buildings.  This building was later destroyed by fire. 


East Baton Rouge Parish School Board minutes of January 3, 1919 indicate a bond issue of $60,000 was approved with the proceeds designated to erect and equip a new building at Istrouma School.  Mr. Robert A. Hart gave a square of ground in “suburb Istrouma” as a site for the new brick school building. 


During the years 1919 to 1921 a brick building was constructed.  The new building was completed just in time for Istrouma Grammar School’s first graduation.  Although this building has been remodeled many times, the first in 1931, it is still in use as the twenty-first century begins. 


The eighth and ninth grades were added in the 1921-1922 session.  At this time Mrs. Morgan requested her release as principal.  Mr. Bowden, who had been superintendent of the Methodist District, became principal and Mrs. Morgan remained as his assistant. 


With a brand new beautiful brick building it was thought Istrouma School would have ample space for many years to come.  However, by 1923 the school had grown to such an extent another brick building was constructed.  This building would be known as the high school and the other building would be known as the grammar school. 


In 1923 Mr. August Rolfe was appointed principal.  During his administration Istrouma High School received an “A” rating as an accredited high school. 


The following year, 1924, a milestone in the history of the institution was reached when the first Istrouma High School graduates received their diplomas.  This eleventh grade graduating class consisted of eight students.  They were: Leo Couvillion (the only boy), Mary Stewart, Myra Kelly, Bessie Hawsy, Marjorie Rayborn, Lucille Denham, Marcia Broome and Adele Palmer.  It is interesting to note one of the girls in that first high school graduating class, Marcia Broome, would later become the mother of our own 1952 graduate, Anna Claire Guice Hinson. 


Mr. H. P. Overton became principal in 1925 and remained in that position through 1954.  Mr. Overton was an excellent administrator and a strict disciplinarian.  His school was always ship shape!  As a matter of fact, because of these strengths he was affectionately know as “Horse Power” Overton by the students.


Several years after Mr. Overton’s arrival, a third brick building was erected.  This building was built between the first two brick buildings.  It was known as the science building and housed lab and home economics classes.


As years passed, again the school became filled to capacity.  In an effort to solve this overcrowded condition a frame building was erected in back of the science building.  Every available space was occupied but still an overcrowded condition persisted.


During this period of growth, Istrouma had its first football team.  The team was organized in 1935, as were the band and numerous clubs.  Mr. W. H. Kyes was appointed school athletic director and his first coaches were twin brothers, Mr. Ellis A. Brown and Mr. James E. Brown.  They became known as “Little Fuzz” and “Big Fuzz”.  Under the leadership of these coaches Istrouma High would achieve many state titles and produce excellent athletes – many whom would become stars at various universities and on the professional level.  Istrouma won its first state football championship in 1938.


The band was organized under the direction of Prof. George C. Stout.  Under his direction the band became renowned for its musical accomplishments.  Mr. Charles Gaushell, who continued producing musical events on the highest plateau, followed him.  During the 1950-1951 school year, under Mr. Gaushell’s leadership, the band won a statewide contest.  The contest included precision marching and the playing of concert music.  The reward was a trip to Los Angles, CA to participate in a parade sponsored by the American Legion  during their national convention.


Students quickly began to develop activities associated with but outside the scope of the required classes. Clubs such as the Latin Club, Camera Club, Beta Club and Mu Sigma were organized.  The War Whoop became the student newspaper and reported school activities throughout the year.  In 1939 the first Pow Wow, an annual schoolbook, was published.  This publication was and continues to be produced by students with guidance from sponsoring teachers.  It portrays school life during the entire year such as sport events, club activities, drama productions, beauty pageants and other items; it displays the pictures of all students and lists their activities.

In 1938 and 1939 another structure was added across the street from the first complex – a two-story brick building was erected to house science laboratories, commerce classes and economic departments as well as the regular classes such as mathematics, English and foreign languages.


In 1941 the school complex consisted of accredited grammar, junior high and high school units with 53 teachers and over 1,000 students – grades one through eleven.  In 1949 the Louisiana Legislature added grade twelve.


With the consolidation of grades seven through twelve at Istrouma, more space was needed.  Thus a new facility was erected on Winbourne Avenue – the present location of Istrouma High School.  Grades 9 through twelve moved to this location in 1951.  Mr. E. A. Brown was promoted to serve as Mr. Overton’s assistant.  This facility provided 44 classrooms and a library.  The gymnasium, cafeteria and music building were completed in late 1951.


  Mr. Ellis A. Brown became principal in 1954 when Mr. H. P. Overton retired and Mr. Clyde Lindsey was named assistant principal.  “Big Fuzz”, James E. Brown, became the head football coach and had state championships in 1951,’55, ’56, ’57, ’59, ’61, and ’62.  He retired in 1967. 


Through the years the sports program enlarged to include basketball, baseball, boxing, track and wrestling.  Many city, district and state championships were won in these sports.


Increased enrollment in industrial arts and business education created the need for more space so another building was completed in time for the 1960-61 session.   The auditorium, long a dream of the school community, was completed and dedicated in the spring of 1961.


Peak enrollment occurred in 1967-68 with 1,822 students entering high school, but the school district boundaries being changed brought those figures down the following year.  Istrouma graduated 559 that year and because of the large number of students, graduation exercises were held at LSU facilities.


Many educational innovations and pioneering programs in East Baton Rouge Parish had their origins at Istrouma, among them: 7 period days; honors programs; the first guidance counselor; distributive education; cooperative office education; isometric exercises and ability grouping in physical education classes; computer programming and foreign language labs.  Many Istrouma graduates have gone on to become educators and several have returned to their alma mater to serve on the faculty.


Even though the ‘Reservation’ is much different today compared to 1952 day, the nostalgia remains.  We always have taken great pride in our school, delighting in being “Indians”.  As fellow classmate, Nathaniel Humphries, says “having been an Istrouma Indian for all 12 of my school years, my pre-adult life is totally ‘red stick’ discernible.”


Rosalie Smith Strickland and James Breeden compiled this article using information published in the May 27, 1942 issue of the North Baton Rouge Journal entitled “1942 History of the Istrouma High School”, from Nelson Boudreaux’s web site, and from the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board records


The   Legend   of           Nawaganti

"Here roamed of old the red man,
Here stood his skin teepee,
Here crossed the mystic red stick.  ‘Tis Istrouma, ‘Tis Istrouma cried the trees.”


  So go the words of Istrouma’s beloved Alma Mater, composed by one of her own students, Mary Emma Buckley.  For, according to legend, in this land many years ago lived two tribes of proud and noble Indians, the Houma and the Bayou Goula.  The countryside, with its tall trees and a river of rushing waters, was filled with wild animals and fish that provided a perfect hunting and fishing havens for the red people.


In a clearing near the great Mississippi River, teepees grew into a picturesque Indian Village, yet unnamed, but destined to become one of the most important landmarks in North America.


Here the chiefs of the two tribes met to mark the division of the lands of the two nations.  They decided to erect a tall pole, on a cliff, and paint it red as the boundary line between the tribes.  Thus, “Isse Trouma”, meaning “Red Stick", marked the site of Indian campfires.


As the years passed, “Isse Trouma” became known as Istrouma and the Indians living near as Istrouma Indians.  The land proved so bountiful that Indians came from far and wide to make a new home.  So great became the population that Istrouma grew into an Indian Nation.


Legend has it that Nawaganti, a young brave, became the chief of this new nation and ruled with


austere dignity, stern justice, and fierce loyalty.  The Indian nation loved their mighty leader and lived lives of contentment and adventure in their new  found land of plenty.


Then one day along the riverbanks and from out of the forest came men with white skins and strange dress.  The Indian people became frightened and Nawaganti, was alarmed because the strange white men, French explorers, wanted to take the land from the Indians and make it a land for the white man.


Nawaganti, fiercely loyal to his people, led his braves into battle.  But the brave leader was killed and his people driven from this village; only the reddened pole remained and the white men changed the name “red stick” into their own French language and called it Baton Rouge.


So goes the legend of Istrouma.
“And ‘tis said down through the ages,
Nawaganti still walks the land,
Treads the paths he once defended,
Where now stands a school so grand.
And this new land of Istrouma,
Nawaganti rules as long ago;
For ‘tis said he lends his spirit,
Ever loyal, brave, and true.”







Class of ’52 Golden Pow Pow


The following information has been developed after many, many hours of searching.  To the best of our ability the information was correct at the time of publication.  Classmate names appear in alphabetical order, in bold type, by their last names first.  Female members are listed by maiden names followed by first names.  Spouses are listed under the classmates name in brackets.  If a classmate or spouse is known to be deceased, the word “deceased“ will be indicated.  Likewise, “lost” classmates (those whom we have been unable to locate) are so indicated.


It is interesting to note our classmates are residing in 18 states.  123 reside in Louisiana; 14 in Texas; 8 in Mississippi; 4 in California; 3 in Florida and Tennessee; 2 in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Ohio; and 1 in Montana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia and West Virginia.  Obviously we have scattered far and wide, however, the majority have either remained in Louisiana or chose to retire here.


To keep our directory current for future reunions, please notify us if you move or if you are aware of errors in this book.  This information should be forwarded to:


Charlotte Stevenson Carrier
 5767 Hyacinth Ave
Baton Rouge. LA  70808
Phone:  225-766-4673
James A Breeden
9932 Goodwood Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA  70815
Phone:  225-355-7716


       And  now….
  “The Gathering
   Of The            

Abbott, Patricia 
[Carroll W. Lanier]
738 Shady Oak Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Phone 225-756-0761

Afeman, Francis (Deceased)
[Ben Duhon]

Albarez, Shirley 
[John B. Jarreau]
5805 Biscayne Drive
Baker, LA 70714
Phone 225-775-7043

Alexander, L. W. (Deceased)

Anderson, Paul 
432 Elizabeth Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-928-4126 (home)
Phone 225-0323 (office)
      Paul has six children and four grandchildren. He is the owner of Anderson & Anderson, a builder's hardware supply.

Artique, Kathleen 
[Curtis Fletcher]
12425 Mallary Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone 225-295-1516

Ashford, Hilda 
[Bobby Forrest]
6006 Sevenoaks Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone 225-927-2819
     Hilda and her husband, Bob, enjoy their time together playing golf. 

Ashford, Jimmy 
36467 Plantation Boulevard
Prairieville, LA 70769
Phone: 225-677-5442
     Jim has three children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He is retired from Dow Chemical.

Ashford, Nell Rose (Deceased)

Attuso, Patricia 
[Carl Ulbright]
44334 Highway 42
Prairieville, LA 70769
Phone 225-622-1660

Aydell, Malcom 
[Faye Boudrerux]
40525 Thais Road
Prairieville, LA 70769-5446
Phone 225-622-2461
     Malcom has three children and three grandchildren. He is retired as an operator from BASF Chemical Corporation.

Bailes, Larry 
[Jackie Barillier]
Suite B 1130 Cerise Road
Billings, MT 59101-7385
     Larry has five children and nine grandchildren. He volunteers with the women's ministry and with the Montana Southern Fellowship. 

Baker, Cleta Mae 
[Lawrence McCearley, Jr.]
6202 Biscayne Drive
Baker, LA 70714-4312
Phone 225-775-5740
     Cleta has 2 children, 6 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Ballard, Raymond 
8967 Lemon Road
Slaughter, LA 70777
Phone 225-654-3315

Bannister, Jacqueline 
[A.G. Gaudin, Jr.]
365 Court Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Phone 225-769-0138

Barber, Rueben 
15055 Crystal Drive
Pride, LA 70770
Phone 225-261-5668 

Barrett, Mary 
[Stephen Caminiti]
1900 J F K Blvd Apt 615
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone 215-568-6898
     Mary has a child and a grandchild. She is a retired nurse and has worked in Philadelphia since 1958. At Thomas Jefferson Medical School Hospital, she became a NCC in medical, surgical and radiology. She has traveled through the United States, including Alaska; has also been to Canada, Europe, Great Britain and the Caribbean Islands. At this time, Mary is helping care for her 94-year old mother-in-law.

Bates, Raymond 
P. O. Box 80724
Baton Rouge, LA 70898
Phone 225-767-5535

Bennett, Lorraine 
[Donald M. Simoneaux]
2215 Toleda
Baker, LA 70714
Phone 225-775-5550


Berthelot, Patsy 
[Wylie Starks, Jr. (deceased)]
2242 Hunters Trail
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone 225-273-9428
     Patsy has four children and 11 grandchildren. She says, "Seems like yesterday that we were in class at I.H.S. - where have the years gone? As each day turns into tomorrow, may God bless you all with many more years, good health, and happiness. It will be so good to see all my classmates again. Let's try to stay in touch and enjoy our 'golden' years!"

Blankenship, Glenn 
[Myrtle Fontenot]
23021 Big Boy Lane
Maurepas, LA 70449
Phone 225-695-3705
     Glen and Myrtle have six children, 19 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. He worked 15 years for J. C. Penny and then 26 years at Rubicon Chemical Company where he retired as a senior technician. He and Myrtle have been married 48½ years. They are active in community and church work.

Blocker, Marvin 
3280 Crestaire Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Bloodworth, Joe Lee 
[Dianne Hill]
114 Larch Drive
Ruidoso NM 88345
Phone 505-257-2606 
     Joe has six children and nine grandchildren. 
His career in the Air Force took him to Lake Charles and Fort Worth, TX for B47s and B 52s. He completed his military career at Grand Forks AFB, N.D. After the Air Force, he settled in Fort Worth and spent 25 years with Miller Brewing Company. He and Dianne, a Texan, reared his three sons and her son and two daughters in Fort Worth. They have been in Ruidoso six years since retirement.
He hopes we have all found peace and fulfillment in retirement that comes from knowing God through His Son, Jesus the Christ. Joe says he is looking forward to seeing as many 52' classmates as possible. "Jose from New Mexico".

Blouin, Bonnie, Ann (Deceased)

Bordelon, Gail 
[William "Bill" Miller, Jr.]
37483 Highway 74
Gonzales, LA 7073
Phone 225-673-3949
     Gail and Bill have four children and eight grandchildren. 
She graduated from Our Lady of Lake School of Nursing and married in 1955. In 1999, she retired from Gillis W. Long Hansens' Disease Center after working there for 23 years.

Boudinot, Jerry (Deceased)
[Jean Feigler]

Bourgeois, Edward 
8861 Cottage Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone 225-924-1013
Braud, Jessie Lee 
[Paul Stevens]
14017 Joor Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Phone 225-261-4467
     Jessie and Paul have two children and six grandchildren.
She has retired as a special education bus driver. Jessie now attends gun shows and plays Bridge. 

Breeden, James Allen 
[Betty Lou Womack]
9932 Goodwood Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70815-4517
Phone 225-925-5591
     Jim has a son, Jeff, and a daughter, Sharon Hastings and six grandchildren. 
After he obtained a degree from L.S.U. and a U. S. A .F. commission, he became a navigator. Jim was stationed on Eniwetok Atoll (Marshall Islands) with the atomic bomb test program in the Pacific. From there he went to McCord AF Base flying missions to Alaska, Japan and other Far East areas. After the Air Force he returned to Baton Rouge and went into business with his father. He sold the dealership in the eighties and continues to work on a part time basis writing government bid specifications and preparing bids. Jim married Betty Womack in 1998 and says he is enjoying a most happy life. He performs magic and works in his workshop when not watching LSU sports. 

Brown, Rex 
[Mary Jane Gibson]
50 Wildwood Terrace Ext
Yazoo, MS 39194
Phone 662-746-2239
     Rex and Mary have three children and eight grandchildren. He is retired as an Engineering Manager.

Brownfield, Barbara
1171 Aurora Place
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone 225-927-9484
     Barbara is retired from East Baton Rouge School Board where she was an elementary school principal.

Brumfield, Jack 
[Marlene Cox]
24 Cypres Court
Zwolle, LA 71486
Phone 318-645-4222
     Jack and Marlene have three children and seven grandchildren. He is retired.

Bullock, Charles (Deceased)

Burcham, Genevia 
[Thurman R Willard]
4149 Treuil
Port Allen, LA 70767
Phone 225-627-6695

Campbell, James Millard (Lost)

Campbell, Robert 
[Sue Ouzts]
13236 Virgil Jackson Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Phone 225-261-6048
     Robert has three children and three grandchildren. He is a Korean veteran and worked in sales before retiring.

Cannon, Harvey (Deceased)

Carpenter, E. J. 
[Irma Wells]
20191 Highway 40
Loranger, LA 70446
Phone 504-878-2446
Carroll, Faye 
[Jessie Odom Denham]
19855 Plank Road
Zachary, LA 70791-8225
Phone 225-654-4747 
     Faye has a stepson and two-step grandchildren. She is retired and wrote that her husband is ill, therefore she will not be able to attend, but says "hello" to everyone and hopes we have a wonderful time. 

Carroll, James P
11881 Plank Road
Apartment 12
Baton Rouge, LA 70811
Phone 774-4252
     James retired in 1995 as shipping and receiving clerk for the Department of Labor. He says he had two favorite classes - Mrs. Creghan's Senior Arithmetic and Mr. Dutch's Driver Education class.

Carter, Dorothy 
[Tommy White]
5324 Rolling Acres Drive
Baker, LA 70714
Phone 225-775-7186
     Dorothy has four children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. She is retired.

Cason, Bessie 
[Harold A. Morales]
4722 Underwood Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70805

Catt, Yvonne 
[Kearney Brown (deceased)]
P. O. Box 1098
Springfield, LA 70462
Phone 225-294-6007

Causey, Arthur (Deceased)

Chiasson, Bobbie Sue 
[Herb Soileau]
123 Bernard Road
Opelousas, LA 70570
Phone 337-826-5229

Champagne, Harry (Deceased)

Chaney, T. Boone (Deceased)

Cifreo, Harry 
[Shirley M Daigle]
7 Harrington Road
Hattiesburg, MS 39401-8729
Phone 601-544-0002
     Harry and Shirley have been married 46 years and have two children and three grandchildren. 
After 30 years service he retired from Texaco Refinery and moved to Hattiesburg.

Clements, Wilton
[Spouse deceased]
11243 Glen Watts Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Phone 225-261-2536
     Wilton has two children and two grandchildren. He earned a degree from the University of Houston where he was active in several athletic associations and Phi Delta Tau. He served in the U. S. Army. Wilton returned to Baton Rouge and taught in several high schools and was coordinator of Marketing Education at Baker, Glen Oaks, Belaire and his alma mater Istrouma High School. He is retired.

Cocke, Hollis (Deceased)

Cocke, Max (Deceased)

Cole, Joyce 
[Sam Mascarella]
3543 Piper Road
Slaughter, LA 70777
Phone 225-654-0403
Coon, Leonard 
8 Loy Road
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
Phone 870-246-0371
     Leonard has one son, one daughter and a grandchild. He says, "It has been a fast life!" Four years in the Navy and 4½ years in college. Leonard lived in California and worked for the County Welfare Department for 30 years before retiring to Arkansas. He admits his retirement time is so full that he doesn't have time to work.

Cortez, Joe Bob 
[Cecelia Gremillion]
3405 County Road 919
Burleson, TX 76028-7624
Phone 817-297-4450
     Joe has four children and nine grandchildren. He sends thanks to everybody who contributed in putting this reunion together. They are looking forward to a great reunion.

Cothern, Gerald (Deceased)

Courtney, Peggy Joyce 
[Jerry Wells]
7033 Point Avery
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Phone 225-751-5812

Cox, Marlene 
[Jack Brumfield]
24 Cypress Court
Zwolle, LA 71486
Phone 318-645-4222
     Marlene and Jack have three children and seven grandchildren.

Craig, Jean 
[Chester Purvis (deceased)]
2307 Hillside Drive
Ruston, LA 71270
Phone 318-255-7746
Jean has five children, nine grandchildren and a great grandchild. She works as an office manager.

Danna, Nickey 
2335 Richmond Street
Baker, LA 70714
Phone 225-775-4074

Daquanno, Sam 
3837 Secretariat Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone 225-293-8477
Sam has four children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. He is Vice President/Manager of Scott Construction Equipment.

Darce, Lionel
628 Fendler Parkway
Pineville, LA 71360
Phone 318-449-3717

Davis, Billy (Deceased)

Davis, Peggy (Deceased)

Dawson, Shirley 
[Humberto Gutierrez]
1845 Cloverdale Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone 225-343-4349
Shirley has four children and grandchildren.
Day, Shirley 
[Harold Pitre]
3 Sunrise Way
The Bluffs, LA 70748
Phone 225-634-3345
Shirley and Harold have five daughters and 10 grandchildren. Shirley worked 16 years as a church secretary. 

DeArmond, Verda Lee 
[L.L. Edmonston]
17157 Carpenter Chapel Road
Prairieville. LA 70769-5801
Phone: 225-622-1437
Verda Lee has three children and four grandchildren and is a retired secretary.
She says, "Looking forward to staying well and being at the reunion to visit and catch up on those we do not see or hear from regularly. I have had a great 50 years and would only make a few changes if I could go back and do it again. It has been fun working on this reunion and I do hope and pray that I can make this gala affair. I am a typical grandmother and could talk on and on indefinitely about our grandkids. Been there and done that!!"

Decker, Gus 
[Joy Evelyn Smith]
10124 Big Bend Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70814
Phone 225-272-0645
Gus has one son and two daughters, 14 grandchildren and five great grandchildren. He was in the USAF before working as a chemical analysist with Copolymer Chemical Corporation for 43 years. He is now retired and enjoys reading and playing golf several times each week.

Denham, Gloria 
[Mortin Renfroe]
8920 Comite Drive
Baker, LA 70714
Phone 225-775-0748
Gloria and Morton have a daughter, two sons and six grandchildren. They will have been married 50 years in 2003. 
Gloria says they have been blessed with good health and an abundance of the blessings of life, and they look forward to a long and productive life with one another until the Lord calls them home.

Dessell, Lazelle 
[Ronald Heimke (deceased)]
11059 E. Vieux
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-275-3271
Lazelle has two children and two grandchildren. She worked for 35 years as an administrative secretary in the medical field. Her happiest days have been those with her family and the days at Istrouma High School.

Devall, Margaret 
[Jerry Sessions]
116 Sessions Lane
Independence, LA 70443
Phone 504-748-5674

Dodson, Clara 
[A.P. Dodson]
Box 283
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
Phone 225-261-7336

Dorhauer, Charles 
10223 Hemisphere Lane
Denham Springs, 70726
Phone 225-664-8845
Charles has three children and six grandchildren. He was in the U. S. A. F. from 1952 - 1956 and then worked for Gulf States Utilities/Entergy from 1956 until retiring as electric meter department foreman in 1994.
Ducote, Delphine 
[Charles A. Nelson, Sr.]
3920 Safer Drive
Slaughter, LA 70777
Phone 225-654-4452
Delphine has five children, 15 grandchildren and a great grandchild. She said she will never retire as a domestic engineer. Delphine and Charles will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on May 4, 2002. Great for them!

Duff, Janet 
[Bill Blake]
10524 Mollylea Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-272-994 

Dykes, Vernon (Deceased) 

Eddings, Flora Mae (Lost)

Edminston, Kathleen 
[Michael Curtis (deceased)]
2045 Minor Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98102
Phone 206-720-5214 (May -Oct 15)
808-874-3577 (Oct 15-Aprl 30)

Efferson, Kenneth Ray (Deceased) 
[Marilyn Walsworth]

Efferson, Peggy 
[Glen Love (deceased)]
12441 Sherbrook Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-273-3405
Peggy has two sons and eight grandchildren. She retired as a supervisor from the Social Security Administration. Peggy said, "Since retiring, I have enjoyed traveling, gardening, spending time with family and friends, and trying to kick an addiction to the computer."

Elisar, Sam 
10164 Rhapsody Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-925-0259
     The Elisars have three children and five grandchildren. Sam is retired.

Ensiminger, Billie Lou 
[Tom Duchmann]
7950 Hooper Road, Box 47
Baton Rouge, LA 70811
Phone 225-357-8084

Farmer, Sidney
1211 Emerald Green
Houston, TX 77094
Phone 281-492-2649
     Sidney has three children and six grandchildren. He is a retired attorney.

Faust, Bryant Lee (Deceased)

Feigler, Jean 
[Jerry Boudinot (deceased)]
4955 Summa Court
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone 225-819-0110
     Jean has one son and two grand daughters. She is employed at Kornmeyers.

Fleming, Lura 
[Burrell S. Seal]
9727 Greenwell Springs-Port Hudson Road
Zachary, LA 70791
Phone 225-654-9143

Fletcher, Harold 
[Chris Bebout]
4715 Woodview Street
Arlington, TX 76013
Phone 817-446-7875
     Harold has three children and grandchildren. 
Forbes, Maxine (Deceased)

Fredericks, Fred (Deceased)
[Jean O'Keefe]

Frizzell, Travis 
[Joan Hinson]
23746 Sunnyside Lane
Zachary, LA 70791
Phone 225-654-3848
     Travis and Joan have two sons, three granddaughters and a grandson. He graduated from Louisiana College, then taught and coached at Glen Oaks High School. In 1961 he worked at W. R. Grace Plastic Plant and after four company name changes he retired in 1996 from EXXON. He enjoys traveling in their motor home, woodworking, and gardening. He and Joan are active at First Baptist Church in Baker where he teaches a Sunday School class and sings in the choir. 

Fussell, Nell 
[Joe J. Ferguson]
5222 Lavey Lane
Baker, LA 70714
Phone 225-775-2695
     Nell has three children and two grandchildren. She retired from being a secretary, cosmetologist and a school bus driver. Nell thanks the reunion committee and is looking forward to seeing all class members.

Girlinghouse, Esau 
[Jo Anne]
415 Prosperity Road
Jonesville. LA 71343
Phone 318-992-6456
     Esau has six children, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild. He is a retired electrician. Esau has recently had a leg amputated, therefore will not be able to attend .

Girlinghouse, Trax
42714 Highway 42
Prairieville, LA 70769
Phone 225-622-0585

Glover, Dorothy 
[Charles Jones]
702 Stanford Drive
Waxahachie, TX 75165
Phone 972-923-3988

Gourrier, Clay (Deceased )

Greene, Betty June (Lost)

Gremillion, Donald (Deceased)

Grissom, Lawrence (Deceased) 

Guerin, Thomas 
[Maxine Istre]
P. O. Box 255 (17165 Highway 77)
Rosedale, LA 70772
Phone 225-648-2334
     T. L. has two children and three grandchildren. He is retired from being a chemical plant operator.

Guice, Anna 
[Ray Hinson]
33406 Highway 1036
Holden, LA 70744-3136
Phone 225-209-2600
     Anna and Ray have four children, 14 grandchildren and five great grandchildren. She retired as a classroom teacher. They moved in June 2000 to a little community called Magnolia, LA, and she has become a countrywoman and is loving every minute of it. They downsized when their children left home, but they did not count on all of the grandkids spending overnights. They have been doubling their space since they moved. Some of the space is a craft room where Anna spends a lot of time. They also enjoy going to a small community church where the people sing every verse of the hymns.
Guidry, Beatrice 
[Albert N. Dornier (deceased)]
1817 Lynvale Lane
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone 925-933-8306
     Beatrice has two children, six grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She is retired.

Guy, Mamie 
[Carrol Watts]
2705 Jewel Drive
Arlington, TX 76016
Phone 817-457-6129
     Mamie and Carroll have three children, three grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
Mamie, a piano teacher writes, "The Latin motto our class chose appealed to me so much as a teen-ager that I have never forgotten it. It set our sights at such high levels that the rude, the crass, the dishonorable, would always be beneath us. It was so confident in our abilities to achieve that I cannot, even now, detect a whiff of 'maybe' or 'perhaps'. Yet, it did not launch us unsuspecting innocents full of romantic ideals. It told us, flat out, that things would not be easy; with no molly-coddling we were forewarned of the problems that are always out there. How dare we complain, then, when we encounter the inevitable obstacle? Not for us the wailing, the wringing of hands, the running away. It is ours, instead, to search for and find an acceptable way to overcome it, and continue on the journey. It takes me a whole paragraph to paraphrase what those ole Romans could say in four words:
Ad astra per aspera - - - - to the stars through difficulties."

Hadnot, Shirley 
[Donald Bowman]
4019 King Charles Road
Durham, NC 27707
Phone 919-493-2192
     Shirley has three children and seven grandchildren. She says, "I'd like to thank this committee for giving their time and energy to make this reunion a reality."

Hall, J. W. "Dub"
[Jean Hudgens]
10607 Landsbury Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70809-2830
Phone 225-293-2599
     Dub has three children and four grandchildren. He says, "I've learned that I get old only on the outside. Inside I am still the same. Looking forward to seeing everyone."

Hamilton, Joroy 
[Elizabeth Stogner]
10534 Browning Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-925-5728

Hamilton, Peggy (Deceased) 

Harlin, Charles
1205 Cloverdale Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone 225-387-1206 

Harriet, Edna (Deceased) 

Haydel, Edna Mae (Deceased)

Haynes, Harriett Ann 
[Robert L. Hall]
14825 Harrison Road
Ida, LA 71044
Phone 318-223-4403

Hinson, Eugene (Deceased)


Hodges, Harry 
13750 Triple B Road
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
Phone 225-261-2395
     Harry has four children and 13 grandchildren.

Hull, Beverly 
3522 Oak Forest Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70814
Phone 225-925-9853
     Beverly has two children and grandchildren.

Humphreys, Nathaniel J. 
[Pamela Jo Whites]
202 Maywood Drive
Martinez, GA 30907
Phone 706-863-7907
     Nathaniel has four children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.
Nathaniel wrote a letter on November 23, 2001 stating that his health would prevent him from attending the reunion. He has incurable renal cell carcinoma in both lungs and extensive medical treatments have not been successful in curing his condition. He and his handicapped wife live comfortably and he can catch bass in the Clarks Hill impoundment.
He is now retired with over 32 years as a Rehab Therapist with the Veteran's Administration in Augusta, GA. Nat says he was an Istrouma Indian for all 12 of his school years, is totally a "red stick" and feels fortunate to have been reared on the "other-side-of-the-track". He closed his letter writing, "I am and have always been proud to be an Istrouma Indian".

Ivy, Shirley 
[Robert Wayne Pittman]
207 Lombardy Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone 281-242-3822
     Shirley says, "My life since graduation has centered around four 'Fs': My faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, my family, friends and fun. In addition to the general synopsis, I have many interests that I enjoy and consider life full and rewarding.
I have found that even with the ups and downs of life, I consider myself rich with blessings - one of which was the time I spent at IHS with all good friends and for the education I received there through the efforts of dedicated teachers." 

Jines, Milton 
[Sunee Bjorkman]
1752 Monticello Road
San Mateo, CA 94402-4032
Phone 650-341-4951
     Milton has three children and two grandchildren. He is a retired United Airlines Pilot.

Joffrion, Elsie 
[Nelson Boudreaux]
12206 Chester Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Phone 225-769-0152
     Elsie and Nelson have four children and five grandchildren.

Johnson, Evelyn (Deceased) 

Joiner, Mollie Lee
[Melvin Scardina]
6552 Thelmadale Drive
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
Phone 225-261-2428
     Mollie and Melvin have two children and seven grandchildren.
Mollie says, "On Valentine's Day, February 14, 1953, I married fellow graduate Melvin Scardina. We started our married life in North Baton Rouge. In 1958 we moved to Greenwell Springs where we have been ever since. Our children, Sidney and Taro Mayo, live within blocks of us. We have seven grandchildren ranging in age from 22 to seven years old. Melvin retired a few years ago and we have done some traveling including a trip to Europe and hope to do more traveling during our 'Golden Years'."

Jones, Patsy (Lost) 

Junkin, Robert "Bobby" 
42 Alton Circle
Rogers, AR 72756
Phone 501-636-5720
     Bobby has three daughters and three grandsons. He says, "It is sort of depressing to think this could be the last reunion. But it's been a life of death for me; I worked in the chicken industry". He is now retired from Tyson Foods. He doesn't believe he is old enough for great grandchildren.

Kelly, Gertrude 
[Joseph Hebert Bordelon]
P. O. Box 103
Bouckville, NY 13310
Phone 315-893-7256
     Gertrude has two children and four grandchildren. She is a retired professional geophysicist. Gertrude sends the best to all the class members who can attend the reunion but she will not be able to attend because her husband has cancer with a poor prognosis.

Kelly, Sadie 
[Curtis Foshee]
838 Myrtle View Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Phone 225-769-6580
     Sadie and Curtis have two sons and eight grandchildren. Sadie says, "Looking forward (with anticipation) to our class reunion. Curt and I were 'away' from LA for 35 years. We enjoyed our DuPont friends, experience and travel. We were transferred 15 times - but there's 'no place like home!' You truly can go home again - in a way. We feel like we've always been here - everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. See you on the 13th of April."

Kelly, George
4512 Ashland
Baker, LA 70570

King, Norma Jean 
[Joseph E. LeBlanc]
1015 Highway 30
St. Gabriel, LA 70776
Phone 225-642-5241 

Kirby, Elaine 
[Marion L. Burgess (deceased)]
13120 Legacy Court
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone 225-755-4005
     Elaine has three children, 11 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. She is an associate of H & R Block.

Kleibert, Catherine 
[Biaggio C. Marino, Sr, (deceased)]
409 Halfway Tree Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70810-4005
Phone 225-766-6922
     Catherine has six children, 19 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Her husband was a career military man, which allowed her to travel to many countries. Four of their children were born in Germany.
She says, "At this time in my life, I thank God for my blessings and for my wonderful memories of my high school days. They were good times with wonderful friends and schoolmates. I wish all the best for all who are still here and pray for the ones that have gone on." 

Kleibert, Helen 
14853 Joor Road, #5
Zachary, LA 70791-9551
Phone 225-261-1285
Helen has four children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She works as a mixologist and says she is looking forward to seeing every one.

Knight, Faye 
[Ted Croswell, Jr.]
11555 Foster Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70811-1218
Phone 225-775-5176

LaCoste, Harold J. 
[Rosalie Aucoin]
3677 Oak Forest Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70814
Phone 225-924-3208
     Harold and Rosalie have one child and four grandchildren. He is retired from masonry construction.

Landry, John R. 
10320 Timberline Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone 225-292-4829

Langlois, Loretta 
[Edward B. Ellerbe]
2601 Skipwith Drive
Plano, TX 75023
Phone 972-618-1484
     Loretta has four children and three grandchildren. They have been married 42 years and have lived in Plano, for the last 20 years where she is active in civic activities. She served 6 years on the Planning & Zoning Commission and was its Chairman for two years. She was President of the Plano Homeowners Council. She currently serves on the Collin County Planning Board, the County Transportation committee and has recently been appointed by the City Council to the Charter Review Committee. 

Langlois, John Malcom 
[Adele Kennedy]
12226 Mallory Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone 225-292-2598
     John & Adele have eight children and 10 grandchildren. Adelle says, "I graduated from St. Joseph's Academy but I have never seen the love and care you people from Istrouma have for each other. I'm looking forward to this reunion and seeing some of you that I know. God Bless You All."

Laurent, Marguerite 
[Robert Foor]
426 Kimbro Drive
Baton Rouge, 70810
Phone 225-766-9766

Lawler, Lola (Deceased) 

LeBlanc, Arnold "Tippy" 
[Susan Jabusch]
2174 McCain Road
Crowley, LA 70526
Phone 337-2633

LeBlanc, Eula Mae (Deceased)
Lewis, Shirley 
[William O. Watson, Jr]
37236 Perkins Road
Prairieville, LA 70769
Phone 225-673-9130
     Shirley has four children, 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild. 

Lively, Ethel Mae 
[Monroe Lovett]
17164 Highway 933
Prairieville, LA 70769
Phone 225-622-1211
     Ethel has four children and grandchildren.

Lively, John David
11831 Old Hammond Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone 225-273-0441

Magee, Jimmie (Lost) 

Magee, James "Frank", Jr
[Maurine Jones]
11950 Troy Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70811
Phone 225-778-0400
     Frank has two children and three grandchildren. 
He says, "I am retired and looking forward to seeing everyone." 

Mallory, Dorothy 
[Earl Gray]
680 Sharp, Apt 203
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-273-0397
     Dorothy has three children. She retired as Senior Medical Staff Coordinator from the General Health System.

Manning, Callie Lee 
[Melvin Ashford]
3537 Webb Lane
Liberty, MS 39645
Phone 601-657-8678

Mascarella, Joyce Cole
3543 Piper Road
Slaughter, LA 70777
Phone 225-654-0403

Matthews, Mary Nell (Lost) 

McCahill, Margaret Ann (Deceased)

McCarroll, John A
[Mary Ellen Hyatt]
5588 South Leighton Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806-3510
Phone 225-924-4469
     John has three children and four grandchildren. He is retired. 

McClure, Wesley D
7979 Green Acres Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70811-2113
Phone 225-775-6870
     Wesley has three children and eight grandchildren. He is retired as a pipe fitter-welder.

McCurley, Ruth (Lost) 

McFarland, Paul (Deceased) 

McGrew, Lois 
[Robert Donald Judge]
273 Muscadine Road
Sunset, LA 70584-5101
Phone 337-662-7269
     Lois has three children and eight grandchildren. She retired from Exxon in '86 when they closed the Lafayette office and then worked for Hunt Oil Company. She sends her best wishes for all attending the reunion but will not be there because she has a family wedding that weekend. 

McNeil, Sylvia 
[Richard J. Hernadez, Sr.]
14245 North Holly Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70819
Phone 225-275-9437
     Sylvia has six children and nine grandchildren. After a 34-year marriage, her husband, A. E. Stuart died in 1991. She is now happily married to Richard Hernandez. They make woodcrafts and enjoy fishing, especially catching a 6½-pound bass. She said, "Hello to everyone and have a wonderful time at the reunion."

Melancon, Minere 
[Donald A. Wall]
17842 Five Oaks Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Phone 225-753-6991
     Minere and Donald have two children and one grandchild. She is retired.

Miller, Elizabeth 
[Edward Herman]
1712 Seayes Road SW
Mableton, GA 30126
Phone 770-941-3610
Libby has five children and grandchildren. She is a registered nurse.

Mobley, Dorothy 
[Richard "Dick" Jensen]
30 Broad Cave
Montgomery, TX 77536
Phone 936-449-4381
     Dot has four children, four stepchildren, eight grandchildren and eight step grandchildren. 

Moise, Marjorie (Deceased)

Montero, Joy 
[Lawrence J. Acosta, Jr. (deceased)]
36495 Ronda Drive
Denham Springs, LA 70706
Phone 225-664-4389
     Joy has four children and seven grandchildren.

Moran, Carl A. 
[Chris Schwartz]
Apt 2121
19200 Space Center Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058
Phone 281-486-7158
     Carl has two children and four grandchildren. 
After graduation from LSU and four years in the USAF, he began working with Foster Grant. He retired from Hoechst-Cleanse and Huntsman and is now working with Nova Chemical.

Morgan, Donald Hollis 
[Spouse deceased]
144 Center Street
Freeport, FL 32439
Phone 850-897-4110
     Donald has a son and two grandchildren. He is retired, after 31 years, from the U.S.A.F and DOD (AF) Contractor. He has lived in New Mexico, New Jersey, Florida, New York, Virginia, Thailand, Australia, Colorado, Oklahoma, England, and Germany. Donald says he retired for good at age 62 and likes the saying "Too much work and not enough time to play golf." 

Morris, Harvey Russell 
14718 Denham Road
Pride, LA 70770
Phone 225-262-4086

Newman, Harold 
[LaMarylis Hanson]
405 Cora Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-927-5305 
     Harold has a son, a daughter and two grandchildren.
Newsom, Barbara 
[Joe T. Babin (deceased)]
13521 Marinwood Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Phone 225-753-7405

Nix, Gaylen
214 Bradford Street
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone 304-343-7583
     Gaylen has two children and a grandchild. He is a retired Chemical Engineer/Attorney

Noland, Donald (Deceased) 

Nordstrom, Gus A
9012 Alma Drive 
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone 225-925-9336
     Gus has two children and six grandchildren. He is retired.

Ortego, Joseph R. (Deceased) 

Penn, Peggy Ann 
[Billy Seale (deceased)]
7220 C. Jones Lane
Denham Springs, LA 70706
Phone 225-665-6385
     Peggy has three children and three grandchildren. She is retired as a banker.

Perry, Winston F. 
[June Warwick]
7080 Allen Walker Road
Grove Hill, AL 36451
Phone 251-246-7809
     Winston has three children, seven grandchildren and a great grandchild. He wants to know if we will have a 60th reunion. If there is one, he says he will be there.

Persick, Jack 
[Mary Greer]
1371 Berwick-Cassel Road
Liberty, MS 39645
Phone 601-657-4807
     Jack and Mary have three children, eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Phillips, Travis 
38153 Henry Road
Prairieville, LA 70769
Phone 225-673-8412
     Travis has one child. He is retired from being the owner/salesman (1971-2000) of Travis Supply (Automotive Paint and Body Supply Store).

Pitre, Harold 
[Shirley Day]
3 Sunrise Way
The Bluffs, LA 70748
Phone 225-634-3345
     Harold and Shirley have five daughters and 10 grandchildren. Harold retired in 1996 as Sr. Lab Tech from Exxon/Mobile. 

Porrier, Elaine 
[Don Grossman]
658 North Haven Drive
Biloxi, MS 39532-4352
Phone 228-385-2747
     Elaine has three children and a granddaughter, named Katie Elaine. She is a retired DOD employee. Her husband retired from the U. S. A. F. and owns Grossman's Heating and Air Conditioning. 

Price, John B. (Lost) 

Pruitt, Ronnie (Deceased) 

Purswell, Oleta
c/o Barbara McKnight
5134 Lost Oak
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Phone 225-752-0595

Purvis, Kenneth Gerald 
1421 Beaushire Circle
Dayton, OH 45459
Phone 937-434-9619

Ragusa, Jo Ann 
[James Bob Tiffee]
2613 Lightough Bend Drive
Ponte Verda Beach, FL 32082
Phone 904-285-9916
     Jo Ann has four children and five grandchildren. She says this reunion will be her first one to attend.
She and Bob have had a wonderful life and they are enjoying retirement in Florida where they both play a lot of golf, travel and do some volunteer work. 

Ray, Eugene 
1699 Nautilus Street
LaJolla, CA 92037
Phone 858-546-0854
     Gene attended LSU, earned his architectural license and was awarded a Master's of Fine Arts from Tulane University. He is recognized as "Ray of Light" having designed many outstanding buildings including his house of glass with a tree through the porch. In 1969, American Magazine featured a French Quarter apartment he designed. Gene taught for twenty-seven years and headed the Environmental Design Section at San Diego State University. He is now retired. 

Reynolds, Marjorie (Deceased)

Richmond, Bernita 
[James C. Sartor (deceased)]
3426 Ashbury Court
Nacogdoches, TX 75965
Phone 936-560-1747
     Bernita has three children and three grandchildren who all live in the Houston area. She has spent most of her adult life in Texas and considers herself an adopted Texan. She has been in Nacogdoches since 1995 and loves living in east Texas.

Rochester, Flavia 
[John H. Wright]
9081 Airline Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-248-1186

Rochester, Robert (Deceased)

Rodriquez, Glenda 
[Donald Brown]
13159 Todd Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-272-3011
     Glenda has a child and grandchildren.

Rogillio, Lillie Mae 
30697 Old River Road Trailer FF
Denham Springs, LA 70726-1298

Rollinger, Donald (Lost) 

Russell, Betty Jo 
[A. Mitchell McConnell, Jr.]
3904 Inwood Drive
Kingsport, TN 37664
Phone 423-247-6589
     Betty has three children and four grandchildren, including a set of twins. She says she appreciates her high school days more and more as she gets older. If any classmate is traveling north on Interstate 81, she lives 5 miles from Exit 59. She will be glad to meet you for a snack or chat.
Russell, Bobby (Deceased)

Saccaro, Anthony 
[Dean Brister]
629 Adams Avenue
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
Phone 321-799-4320
     Tony has one child and two grandchildren. He earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree from Southern Miss. After 23 years in the Army, he retired as a Lt. Col. His tours of duty took him to Japan, Vietnam, Hawaii, the Pentagon and eight other states. He also taught Army ROTC in Germany for four years and has been teaching the last 10 years in Florida.

Scardina, Melvin 
[Mollie Lee Joiner]
6552 Thelmadale Drive
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
Phone 225-261-2428
     Melvin and Mollie have two children and seven grandchildren. He is retired as a Production Supervisor. Melvin says, "I will just ditto all that Mollie has said, adding that in 1978 I persuaded her that it was fun to fish. We bought a camp on Old River and for the last 24 years spent most of our spare time on the river. We recently sold the camp and plan to spend some time traveling".

Seale, Billy (Deceased) 
[Peggy Penn]

Sebastian, Donald J
[Jackie Forcha]
2701 Timber Crest Lane
Highland Village, TX 75077
Phone 927-317-1134
     Donald and Jackie have two children and four grandchildren.
He is retired from his own business. He says he looks forward to seeing everyone and they appreciate the efforts of the reunion

Seguin, Webster Delry 
[Joyce Payne]
38365 Walker North Road
Walker, LA 70785
Phone 225-665-1573

Senn, Iris 
[Francid E. James, Jr.]
2604 Lantz Road
Dayton, OH 45434
Phone 937-426-7775
Iris has three children and grandchildren.

Sessions, Jerry 
[Margaret Devall]
116 Sessions Lane
Independence, LA 70443
Phone 504-748-5674

Shamburger, Miller
[Bobbye Jean Teekel] 
11484 Lester Savoy Road
St. Amant, LA 70774
Phone 225-647-8349
     Miller has four children, 18 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He retired as a Wal·Mart Associate.

Sherman, Louise 
[Charles Malcolm Smith]
5305 Antioch Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Phone 225-753-4842 
     Louise and Malcom have two children and three grandchildren. She worked as a church secretary for 38 years and is presently the financial secretary for Lanier Baptist Church. Louise says she enjoys traveling, reading and attending her grandchild's baseball games. She thanks the Lord for blessing their family for the last 50 years.

Shingleur, Sylvia 
1718 Pass Road #9
Biloxi, MS 39531
Phone 228-374-4503
     Sylvia has two children and two grandchildren. She is retired.

Shirley, Lunia Gay (Deceased)
[Ralph Moneyhun]

Shoemake, Wallace 
10419 Carlow Lane
Laporte, TX 77571
Phone 281-470-8336
Email: Wallace.shoemake@GTE.Net
     Wallace has a child and four grandchildren. He is retired and looking forward to the reunion.

Shook, Eddie (Deceased)

Smiley, Ruth 
[Bobby Lee]
18431 Green Willow Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70817-7113
Phone 225-751-4763

Smith, Malcom 
[Louise Sherman]
5305 Antioch Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Phone 225-753-4842 
     Malcom and Louise have two children and three grandchildren. 
Malcolm attended LA College and then served as a lab technician in the USAF during the Korean Conflict. He recently retired, after 43 years, from the wholesale food business. He enjoys fishing, traveling and watching his grandson's baseball games.

Smith, Nettie Jean "Bitsy" 
[L. Fred Kostelecky (deceased)]
7709 Bellewood Drive
Houston, TX 77055-6803
Phone 713-682-0287
     Bitsy has three children and two grandchildren. She is not able to attend this reunion. She is busy trying to learn how to do all the chores her husband used to do. He died in March 2001.

Smith, Rosalie 
[Neil Strickland (deceased)]
1361 S. Dahlia Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone 225-766-0954
     Rosalie has one daughter and three grandchildren. She is a retired teacher.
She said, "Baton Rouge - the place to be, because my grandchildren are here! I'm not going anywhere. Hiam Ginot said, 'Grandchildren and grandparents get along so well together, because they have a common enemy.' "How true!"

Sparkman, Bobbie Nell 
[Berle Joe Dubois]
13387 Ventress Road
Ventress, LA 70783
Phone 225-618-1519
     Bobbie Nell has three children and four grandchildren. She was school executive secretary for 27 years before retiring.

Stegall, Rosemary 
[Denver Hatchell]
11111 Stegall Road
Wesson, MS 39191
Phone 601-643-0111
     Rosemary has three children, four grandchildren, four step grandchildren and three step great grandchildren. She says she is looking forward to seeing classmates at the reunion.
Stegan, Inga 
[Luther Burkett (deceased)]
615 West Clover Drive
Memphis, TN 38120
Phone 901-767-5435
     Inga has three children and five grandchildren. She is retired.

Stevenson, Charlotte 
[William "Bill" Carrier]
5767 Hyacinth Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone 225-766-4673
     Charlotte wrote, "These last fifty years have been fast and meaningful. I graduated from college, married Bill Carrier from Oklahoma and made a Cajun out of him (which wasn't too easy considering the only Cajun I have in me is a little etoufeé now and then). We had two beautiful daughters who became lovely women, who married and gave us the Three World Champion Grandchildren - Kelsey, Will and Charlie. Being grandparents is THE most rewarding experience ever.
I've had the privilege of staying in B. R., seeing it and the state university flourish and having dinner with high school classmates every other month."

Stewart, Patsy 
[R. A. Delaroderie]
77690 Mcbay Road
Grosse Tete, LA 70740
Phone 225-648-2125
Patsy has a son.

Stickman, Susan Lee (Lost)

Stiles, John T
[Peggy Anderson]
Route 2 Box 83B
Greensburg, LA 70441
Phone 225-222-4290
     John has four children.

Stockwell, Julienne 
[James M. Oliver]
1406 Sierra Boulevard, SE
Huntsville, AL 35801-2541
Phone 256-539-3579
     Julienne has four children and 10 grandchildren. She is a retired accountant.

Summers, Joyce 
[Arliss L. Linder]
314 Shelby Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-275-1451

Tams, Dorothy "Dot"
[Bill A. Clark]
8175 Harp Boulevard
Broken Arrow, OK 74014-3079
Phone 918-357-2088
     Dot has two children and four grandchildren. She retired from Public Relations. She says, "We retired three years ago after traveling with my husband's business for 17 years. I am active with my church and volunteer work with the Senior Center, Police Department, and unwed teen mothers." Her 90-year-old mother lives with them and will be coming to the reunion to visit with classmates she remembers from earlier years.

Taylor, Charles (Deceased)

Termini, John Ray 
[Carol Musacclia]
7753 Madewood Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Phone 225-753-7152
     Ray has four children and grandchildren.

Terrell Ralph Edward (Lost) 


Territo, Madeline 
[Charles McLaughlin]
9178 Florida Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-923-1029
     Madeline has three children, 
five grandchildren and a great grandchild. 

Theriot, Charles 
5262 East Brookstown Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
Phone 225-357-1853 

Thibodeaux, Lawrence "Bucky" 
[Joyce Hitchcock]
15335 Randi Court
Prairieville, LA 70769
Phone 225-673-2491
     Bucky and Joyce have three children and three grandchildren. He is retired as an engineer specialist.

Tillman, Loyt "Billy" 
[Brenda Gautreau] 
42284 Bayou Narcisse Road Lot #11
Gonzales, LA 70737
Phone 225-644-7710
     Billy has two sons and two daughters. They have given him nine grandchildren. 
He served in the Korean War and after returning home, he attended I. H. S. and then Mr. Brown helped him to attend night school at L.S.U. After working for Kaiser Aluminum, he earned his G. E. D. from I. H. S.
Billy said he and Brenda, his companion of 18 years, are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Tillitson, Betty Faye 
[Frank Vought]
47362 Monticello Drive
Hammond, LA 70401
Phone 504-345-0278

Toural, Claudette 
[Jimmie E. Ferrier]
270 King John Place
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-273-7126

Townley, Barbara 
[Bob Smith (deceased)]
9632 Rustling Oaks Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Phone 225- 261-2245
     Barbara has three children and eight grandchildren. She is retired from being a secretary at Exxon Research and Development Lab.

Traylor, Douglas
5880 McClelland Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70805-1932
Phone 225-355-4087
     Douglas has two children and three grandchildren. He states, "gotten bald, wrinkled and ugly over this short period of time. Still hanging around to take care of my mother and pester my kids." He is unable to attend.

Trotti, Jimmy N.
5333 Hanging Moss Road
Jackson, MS 39206-2116
Phone 601-362-1039

Tucker, Randal (Deceased)

Tucker, Joseph 
[Carole Lloyd]
P. O. Box 40784
Baton Rouge, LA 70835
Phone 225-927-4557
     Joe has three children and four grandchildren. He works as a contractor.

Tucker, Lucius
5947 Brighton Place
New Orleans, LA 70131
Phone 504-392-7888
Turner, Carolyn 
[Thomas E. DeWolfe]
P. O. Box 125
Hampden Sydney, VA 23943
Phone 434-223-8755
     Carolyn and Tom have two sons, a daughter and a grandson. After graduating from LSU and working as a social worker, she earned her Master's degree from the University of Tennessee. While working at the University of Texas Medical School in Galveston, she met and married her husband who was completing a doctorate in Psychology. In 1966 they moved to VA where he teaches at Hampden-Sydney College. Carolyn has worked as a social worker, teacher, and recently as a Writing Tutor at Longwood College. She is now retired and her husband is in a phased, part-time retirement program.
Carolyn continues her interest in music by singing in the church choir and in a madrigal group. She recently played the guitar, dulcimer and tin whistle in an Irish band. She has served on community boards and helped plan a museum, which has recently become a national historic site. She also helped plan a tourist-driving trail commemorating the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court Decision. 
They travel a lot and expect to do more in retirement. They have been exploring their family histories and looking into communities, that take them to some very out-of-the-way, places. 

Umberger, Lillie 
[Daniel Boudreaux (deceased)]
9369 West Tams Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 225-925-0262

Umberger, Shirley (Deceased)

Waguespack, Betty 
[Sterling Baron Seiferd]
9757 Sullivan Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Phone 225-261-3369

Walker, Anne Sharon (Lost)

Walker, Jessie (Deceased)

Walsworth, Marilyn 
[Kenneth Ray Efferson (deceased)]
P. O. Box 908/2948 Kingston Highway
Kingston, TN 37763 
Phone 865-717-0760
     Marilyn and Kenneth have three sons and three grandchildren.
She is a retired elementary school teacher. Marilyn says, "Life has been GREAT for Ken and me. We have three wonderful sons (who are all engineers) and three beautiful grandchildren (two boys and one girl).
After Ken finished college he served in the Air Force and then returned to LSU for his PhD in physics. That led us to Tennessee for a post-doctoral appointment, then a full-time job at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. An opportunity opened for Ken to join a spin-off company, which he later owned and became president. After finishing their studies and a few years in between, two of the sons came into the business. Ken prepared his sons to take over the business so he could enjoy fishing. (We have a camp at Grand Isle.) However, the Lord had a different script. Ken died from colon cancer in October of 2001. The third son (who is a F-16 pilot) plans to join his brothers at American Magnetics, Inc. in early 2002. 
Ken and I attended the 40th class reunion in June '92 and thoroughly enjoyed renewing old acquaintances." Marilyn is hoping she will be up to coming. 

Walters, Rita (Deceased)

Watts, Carroll 
[Mamie Guy]
2705 Jewell Drive
Arlington, TX 76016
Phone 817-457-6129
Carroll and Mamie have two daughters , a son, three grandchildren and four great grandsons. He worked in many capacities for Gulf Oil Company, which took him to Texas and Georgia. He earned a degree from the University of Oklahoma. Carroll became interested in theater and was cast in musicals at the Baton Rouge Little Theater. In Georgia, he and Mamie helped start a community theater that is still active after 20 years. His theatrical resume¢ includes performances in 20 stage plays, 3 motion pictures, radio plays and television commercials. While living in Paris, he sang with the Paris Choral Society. 

Weakly, George
523 Sultana Court
Ripon, CA 95366
Phone 209-599-5525
     George has three children and six grandchildren. He graduated from Letourneal College in Longview, TX. They have been married 43 years and are active in Christian activities. The distance and time will prevent him from attending the reunion.

Wesley, Bobby (Deceased)

White, Lorraine (Deceased)

Whittaker, Bobby Jean (Lost) 

Whittington, Laura Lee 
[Andrew Stegan]
5805 Virginia Place
Metarie, LA 70003
Phone 504-455-7628
     Laura and Andrew have two children and five grandchildren.

Willard, Thurman R.
4149 Treuil
Port Allen, LA 70767
Phone 225-627-6695

Williams, Elizabeth Anne 
[Norman R. Miller]
11846 Melinda Lane
Denham Springs, LA 70726
Phone 225-664-0647
     Elizabeth has two children and two grandchildren. She says, "I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. I hope that everyone that can, will attend."

Williams, Doris 
[Richard C. Davis]
9584 Tanglewood
Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Phone 225-261-2092

Williams, Joyce (Lost)

Womack, Betty Lou 
[James Allen Breeden]
9932 Goodwood Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70815-4517
     Betty has two children (Jan and John Holloway), two "perfect" grandsons and claims Jim's children and grandchildren. 
She says, "I enjoyed working, 27 years, as a registered nurse and as the education director at Woman's Hospital. My greatest honor was in 1986 when I served in China as a Citizen Ambassador on a health-care team. However, retirement is the best. I am a grateful five-year breast cancer survivor. Can you believe Jimmy married me during the cancer treatments? We now know what is important in life and we take every opportunity to 'smell the flowers' and travel. Since Jimmy is an avid LSU sports fan, attending L.S.U. football and baseball games is a priority. What a way I've started this year - Open heart surgery in January."

Womack, Virginia 
[James G. Lemley]
5012 Williamsburg Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70817-2633
Phone 225-753-5998
     Virginia and Jim married in 1955 and they have one loving daughter and two beautiful granddaughters. Virginia worked in the insurance business for twenty-five years, but is now really enjoying retirement. Between trips to visit the "GRANDS" in Florida, they are active serving God at Istrouma Baptist Church. She said, "I'm looking forward to seeing former classmates."

Woodward, W. D. "Si" 
8793 West Fairway Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone 225-924-6677
   Si who is a retired dentist, has four children and eight grandchildren





Ten years ago we were told, "See you next century". Well, next century is now and here we are. We are grateful for your presence! We could not have foreseen the changes we would experience by the time we entered the "next century". But we are survivors and we are here.

During the past ten years many of us have experienced memorable events - some good and some not so good. Perhaps we have enjoyed new grandchildren, taken extended trips to far away places, retired or even moved to a new and exciting location. Or, perhaps, we have experienced personal losses or extensive medical problems that have either been conquered or are being dealt with.

We cannot return to the past but we can look to it and marvel at the occurrences we have witnessed. By looking at our past, our history, we can review mistakes and pledge not to make the same ones twice.

Yesterday, the future was today and today is the present. But only for a brief time, for yesterday is gone and tomorrow becomes the future. As we travel into the future let us profit from our past mistakes so they do not reoccur. Let us commit to travel into the future with purpose and a since of urgency as the future will arrive and become history very quickly.

We hope to see each of you again in five or ten years at another tribal reunion on the banks of the Great Mississippi River where Nawaganti's spirit will still be treading the paths he once defended, where now stands a school so grand. And in this land of Istrouma, Nawaganti will still be ruling as long ago.

As you journey into the future, Maidens and Warriors, go in peace!